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Established by TOGL Technology in 2016, Yippi is Southeast Asia’s all-in-one foremost e-rewards app centralised around the collection and spending of Yipps. Earn Yipps by shopping and dining at over 10,000 member merchants, and spend them on goods, services, travel and utilities.

Users can also share experiences with friends and family on Yippi’s social media platforms like chats, images, videos, and live streams.

Furthermore, Yippi’s TOGA Resonance Technology (T-RT) assists with improving health and well-being by shielding the body from harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Combining all the essential elements into one unified roof makes Yippi an all-in-one app like no other.

Yippi 5 Major Keys

Yipps Biz

Consumer Reward Program


Borderless E-commerce partner


Travel Ticket & Hotel Reservation

Yippi Entertaiment

Live Concert, Predict & Win games

Yippi Social Media

Instant Messaging, Story, Moments, Streaming

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