Yippi Star Incubator Program,
Show your creativity, and grow with the platform

How to start?

Easy 3 steps, and start your journey as Yippi Star


Verify your identity

Under Yippi setting page, and choose verify identity. Your journey begins once you are a verified user!


Upload original content

Be it photo, video or plain text status, as long as it is original and pretty enough


Increase fanbase

Actively promote your page, and earn more likes and followers. Once you hit enough fan you will be able to unlock more benefits (refer below), and grow your social media business!

Level up higher to unlock more benefits that help to get more income
Yippi Star Levels
Work hard and upgrade your level to get tipping function
Yippi star levels is a competitive regulations. Every level has its own specific rules and privileges. Quickly find out about the requirements and how to level up faster!

Lv 1

Identity has verified

Lv 2


Lv 3


Lv 4


Lv 5


Support System

Allows dedicated audiences to support the Content Creator that they loved. 😍

Turn your fans into supporters through a recurring monthly subscription and tailor the supporter experience in a way that’s authentic to your brand, style and community.

Level Privilege

Latest moment

Lv.1 - Moment will appear at latest tab. Without identity verified moments will not appear at latest tab.

Yipps Wallet 10K

Lv. 1 - Yipps wallet daily transaction limit increased up to 10,000 Yipps.

Daily chance post at hot tab

Lv. 2 - Everyday will have a chance to post a moment to appear at Hot tab

Hot search user

Lv.2 - Username will appear at hot search results, increasing more publicity for your personal page.

Tipping function

Lv. 2 - Can start to receive tipping from others, but mandatory to complete account details for payout to process.

Live stream

Lv. 2 - Unlock live streaming function, able to interact more with followers.

Yellow Bean

Lv.2 - Receive 2 yellow beans that can be used to join Yippi events and increase exposure on the platform!

Interested for a collaboration?

We are also looking forward for a variety of partners that can help us to build our platform together as social content creator. If interested please contact our business development team to get more.