Bluetick badge verification

Get verified as public figure on Yippi to enjoy extra benefits!

Benefits Of Bluetick

Recognition from users

Attract more user to know who you


Bluetick can have own eshop in Yippi for free

Yippi Events

Get featured on Yippi Events!

Get boosted by the community for higher exposures!

With higher exposures, you may be reachable to the whole community in app!

Boosted views

Your moments will be boosted and
reached out to more audience around the world!

Featured live event to meet and greet with Yippi community!

As a new Bluetick user on Yippi, you get a chance to be in a featured program by Yippi for your first Live to greet your fans on Yippi!

Featured Artist

This program aims to help promote your live event by Yippi Officials

Who Can Apply?

As long as you have a verified profile on other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Weibo, Tiktok, 抖音, you may immediately get approved already. Here are the basics.


You are notable for a certain industry be it music, sports, acting or any others

Yippi Verified User

You have to be a Yippi user and verified your identity on Yippi platform

Active Posts

You have at least 3 postings on Yipp, regardless live, photo or mini videos

Official Recognise

You believe you have great content quality and want to try for application

Met the criteria?