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Enter Yippi's world, to meet new culture and new people. You can share your life with others at here too!

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Share about your life and thoughts through images or videos

Live streaming

Watch dedicated live tv from various content creators across the globe

Beauty Camera

Take photo from our own beauty camera with customised effects

Meet new people

Learn about new experiences from others

Take photo with our Beauty Camera

Our Beauty Camera comes with various effects such as Toon, Hand Gesture, Animoji, Beauty Stickers and more!

Send rewards to your favourite content with Yipps!

How content creator gets motivated to create the content? It depends on you! Can content creator posts be seen? It’s up to you!

Live your Life!

Watch, like and share live events on Yippi. Live stream and connect your event to audiences on the web and mobile devices.

Live streamers and viewers can adjust the resolution of the live stream video quality according to their network condition to solve the problem of unsmooth live stream.

Create interesting mini videos

Create short mini videos to wow your viewers today!

Yellow Bean to apply for live streaming

Starting from June, users do not have to apply for live streaming by selecting time slots on the Yellow Bean interface. The existing Yellow Bean interface will display the history of using Yellow Bean and application of posting at Hot Tab.

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