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What is Yippi Business?

Yippi Business (formerly “Yipps Wanted Merchant”) is a revolutionary one-window user-friendly business platform to manage your business marketing, operation and rewards system effortlessly. Also, system to convert prospect leads to loyal customer and enjoy co-share database.

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100% Conversion Rewards System

Eliminate high cost low conversion in turning prospects into paying customers. With Yippi Business Account, you only rebate to any successful conversion supported by events and existing database.

Hassle-Free Employee Rewards Tool

This reward system can be used to influence and motivate the behaviour of employees to maximise Business Revenue in one fingertips.

Earn Lifetime Recurring Revenue

Supported by WOM marketing and referral program

Book FREE advertising

Accumulate Advertising Points and Book Free ads when you have rebate record in your account

High Return of Investment (ROI)

By supported online & offline promotions to boost you brand exposure, Save more on your
A&P + manpower + event cost

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