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Friends and Family Anywhere, Anytime

Yippi Messaging

Easily and securely communicate with your friends and family worldwide in real time

Key Features

A messaging app like no other
Fans Group

Engage and delight your fans with Yippi’s Fans Group.

Fans Group Live

Interact and entertain your fans, host Q&A sessions, make announcements, and exclusive behind-the-scenes content, all live from Yippi Fans chatroom.

Auto Translate

Break language barriers and connect with people from around the world effortlessly with the Auto-Translate feature in our chat app.

Secret Chat

‘With the ‘Self-Destruct’ timer, chats, voice messages, and photos will disappear after that allotted timeframe.

Whiteboard Presentation

Collaborate visually with our Whiteboard feature and engage up to 5 friends in your discussions.

Custom Sticker
Add more fun to your communications with custom stickers.

More Easier and More Fun Interaction

On top of basic messaging functions, Yippi messaging supports more interactive features that are available at more options such as send photo and message secretly that will auto destroy after few seconds, whiteboard function which allow users drawing and calling at the same time and etc

Secret message

The “Self-destruct Timer” allows you to set the time for your messages. Once the time is up, the text, voice messages, or photos you send will disappear. Leaving no trace.


Share media such as photos and videos to your friends


Share files and documents from various formats


You can share your location to chat

Secret Photo

Be careful! Photo sent will disappear in 5s

Send egg

You can send Eggs containing Yipps as a present to your friends!


Start a whiteboard presentation with group of friends


Add a friend from your existing contact list


Have you played rock, paper, scissors before? Here we have our own version.

New function

More excited function coming soon