Application for live streaming function

The live stream function is unable to be used when it is in default mode. If you wish to use this function, please contact our customer service to apply for activation.

How to setup for Live Streaming

Follow these steps to start live streaming to achieve the best result

From the main page, search for [Share Moment] then click .

Enter the [Live] setting, fill in a title, and select the language that you prefer.

Use Yellow Bean to post it to “Hot Feed”, this allows your content to be noticed by more people.

When you are live streaming, you can use filters, cute profile pictures, etc functions, to let more audiences remember you.

How to post a mini video

Everyone can use Yellow Bean to post their mini videos to Hot Feed, earn more CPs, and let more audiences like you.

At the [Main Page], click “+” at the top right corner to [Share Moment], and select [Mini Video].

Select [Album], and upload the mini video you want or record a new mini video.

After uploading or shooting a video, make sure to do some editing and select the best music/song to level up your mini video.

Before posting your mini video, you can select your mini video cover image, and don’t forget to use the Yellow Bean to achieve maximum exposure.

How to upload a photo

Use Yellow Bean to post photos to Hot Feed, record little moments in your life, and earn extra income at Yippi.

At the [Main Page], click “+” at the top right corner to [Share Moment], and select [Photo].

Select the photo you wish to upload and publish it to [Hot Feed].

How to activate subscription feature for content creator

Apart from live streaming, your fans can subscribe to you, and you will enjoy a stable income every month; but you have to complete your missions to repay their support.

Search for [Support System] at [Profile] to start your first subscription mission. This will enable more fans to notice you.

After finishing your first mission, your fans can tip for you once a month. If you complete the second mission continuously, you can transfer the CPs received from your fans to your Yipps Point . Of course, your fans can tip you anytime they want.

Your fans can support or subscribe to you at different prices, and they will be differentiated by different badges.

Fan’s badge will show up on places

Fans can choose to cancel their subscription anytime but once they cancel, the subscription fee is not refundable, and they don’t need to pay for the subscription fee next month.

How to start gaming live stream for gamers

Gamers can follow the steps below to connect and activate your computer for game live stream

**Users are required to contact customer service to apply for the RTMP gaming live stream link function.

At the [Main Page], select and choose [Live].

At the option select [PC version], write a title for your live stream and select the language that you prefer.

Copy and paste the live broadcast code to your linked platform, you can start your game live streaming!

How sticker designers submit their stickers design

Sticker designers must first log in to , and follow the steps below to submit their products.

After complete editing on the page, you can easily upload your work according to the steps provided!

After submitting your stickers, kindly wait for 1-2days to be reviewed. Your stickers will be automatically uploaded to the sticker shop once it is approved.

After uploading to the sticker shop, besides receiving CP from other users, users can download your stickers and this will increase the number of downloads!

How to check my levels

Once you reach the required fan amount for each level, you can level up easily.

At the [Main Page], find [My Profile and select [My Level], you can check your level and level privileges.

How to differentiate every level?

Level 1 (Verified Account)

  • Unlock the function of posting content (Live Stream, Mini Video, etc.)
  • Unlock access to the creator center and users can participate in all campaigns and complete tasks.
  • Unlock Yipps Wanted access to enjoy spending with deals & rebate
  • Able to participate in Refer & Earn event

>1000 – / >50,000 fans

  • Able to receive tipping from other users in live stream or post
  • Unlock the subscription function
  • Activate Playz channel
  • Able to cooperate with TopzMall person in charge to sell products during live streams.

*Other accounts include official accounts, business accounts, and public accounts!

How to apply Yellow Bean!

Apply Yellow Bean to share your live stream or posts to Hot Feed, this can help you to get more fans’ attention.

Before you start your live stream, click the Yellow Bean icon, and your live stream will appear at Hot Feed.

When you want to post moments, you can use Yellow Bean to share them to Hot Feed.

How to get Yellow Bean?

Enter [My Wallet] and click the Yellow Bean icon.

Click the , then use Yipps Points to exchange for the yellow bean.

How to share your live stream?

Share your live stream to other social media platforms to notify your friends and fans to come to support your live stream!

In the [Live Stream], click on the [share icon].

Click [Share] to the desired social media platforms and you are done!

How to check and unlock badges

Unlock unique badges by completing tasks in the Creator Center!

At [Profile] search and click on the [Glory].

Click on the medals to check more enquiries on how to achieve them, complete those missions, and unlock them! In addition, participating in the campaign stands a chance to unlock unique badges such as the “1 Rice 1 Live Charity Ambassador” badge.

How to create a Playz channel

Want to increase the exposure of your mini-videos? Apply for a channel on Playz to upload all your creative videos to your channel. You can email us at or look for our customer service for more info.

In “My Profile” click Setting.

Find [Customer Support], inform customer service that you would like to create a channel in Playz.

Yipps Points are the virtual reward points in Yippi ecosystem which may be utilised including but not limited to as follows: Send rewards & support the content creator that you loved; Donate your Yipps points as rewards in charity events. Send Yippi Eggs as a present to your beloved friends & family; Redeem Yellow Bean to start live stream and post on hot Feed. Top-up and pay your mobile phone bills; Offset your utility bills; Pay your PTPTN loan; Redeem flight and hotel booking around the world discount with TogaGo; Redeem Red Box Malaysia voucher to enjoy extra benefits together with your friends and your beloved family; and Redeem & enjoy an extra discount for any purchase in TopzMall.

What is CP?

CP is the reward you receive when you start a live stream or share your moments in Yippi, when a user receives more than 700 CP, he/she can convert those CP into cash if the user completes identity verification.