Yippi Tips & Tutorial Video

Fan Growth Guide

5 tips to increase your fan base

Increase your influence credibility

4 tips to increase your influence credibility

How to earn passive income from Yippi

How to unlock tipping feature & 3 ways to get tips

How to maintain the subscription revenue & fans base

3 tips to maintain subscription revenue & fan base

How to start live-streaming and interact with viewers

Tips for attracting viewers to watch your live stream

How to activate a Playz channel

Tip on how to activate Playz channel and operate Playz channel by yourself

How to win “Star of the day”

Tips to win “Star of the day” & Benefit to be “Star of the day”

How to earn income and withdraw it from Yippi

2 tips for earning income

Live stream mini tutorial

Tips for beginners to do live streams

Video Classroom - Beginner Edition

Video tips to transform yourself into a goddess

How to choose the right BGM

Let’s take a look at how to choose the right BGM for your video

Video Classroom - Special Effects

How to apply special effects to become a goddess in just one second

Video Classroom - Equipment Edition

Recommended video shooting equipment for beginners

Basic content creation skills - Beginner Edition

5 tips to help you position your creation direction

How to create an eye-catching title

Four ways to create an eye-catching title

How to edit personal information in your account

3 skills to effectively increase more followers