Tips Income Settlement

Tips income settlement for all oversea users.

New Tips Income Settlement

We are proud to introduce the brand new settlement method to all our oversea content creators! All oversea content creator settlement will change to this immediately starting 1st March 2021.

Malaysia user can apply as well if you wish to enjoy the same benefits too!

Faster & Easier

Oversea content creator enjoy faster payment! And you can easily withdraw your money with KA$H Prepaid MasterCard®. Look for nearby ATM that accepts MasterCard® and you’re good to go!

New Convenient & Rewards

Hassle-free app that lets you make payments, manage your cash, shop and experience a new cashless lifestyle with rewards.

Worldwide Recognized

It combines the best of worldwide recognized Prepaid MasterCard® and mobile application that puts safe, convenient and rewarding payment solutions in your hands!

Safe & Secure

Safe and secure payment method to all worldwide users. Same security standard with any other normal MasterCard!

Ka$h Account

It’s Prepaid MasterCard®

It’s safe than cash and accepted worldwide. Make purchases anywhere MasterCard® is accepted. Your card will be recognized nearly everywhere. Find two million ATMs worldwide with 30 street level and 210 city level countries and territories

It’s Just Like a Debit Card

Spend up to the value placed on the card anywhere Debit MasterCard® is accepted. You can shop in stores, online or over the phone. As you make purchases with the card, funds are immediately deducted from the available card balance. You can continue to use your card until the card balance has been depleted or until the expiration date shown on the card.

It’s Simple & Easy

Sign up without setting foot in a bank and no proof of income is required. Have constant access to your account anytime anywhere.

It’s Safe and Secure

Whether paying online, in-store, in-app or a wearable, KA$H® provides valuable security benefits to help keep you protected. Your money is safe with KA$H®.


Please note:

  1. This settlement method is applicable to all oversea content creator (Excluding Malaysian) who received more than 700 tips income in a calendar month for cash settlement.
  2. Ensure you have completed your KYC verification in Yippi app prior following the steps below to get your MasterCard for settlement.

*To learn more about the 700 tips income settlement calculation, you can visit here.

Process Details

The step by step details to get your Ka$h ready for tips income settlement

* Malaysians may upload MYKAD
* Non-Malaysians only valid passport

Kindly ensure your Ka$h account is verified and obtain e-Card in the account prior proceed apply your Prepaid MasterCard via link below:

**Please note USD $20 will be charged for this Prepaid MasterCard application.

Upon binded your Prepaid Mastercard, screenshot and send to us via Yippi Customer Service for us to activate your tips settlement.

Congratulation! You are ready to receive payment from us and enjoy the extra card benefits too!