First Charity Fundraising
Campaign For Wu Han

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Together we mourn

In the novel of the emerging worsen situation in Wu Han, we hope to able do something as part of our social responsibility as social media to help out the situation. By the date of Jan 3, we have managed to collected more than 880,000 Yipps (Equivalent to more than 880,000 RMB) through our Yippi Live Draw event that will be used as funds to be donated to Hu Bei Charity Federation.

Fundraised through YippiTV Global Live Draw and Social Media post

Part of our fundraising campaign, done through gifts received during YippiTV Global Live Draw event and also 2 social media posts under YippiTV

The contribution from few influential content creators on Yippi

There were a few influential content creators on Yippi that also participated in helping this fundraising events, by organising charity streams.

A big shoutout to valent228, elisetee19, chelseaxii, and also yrj03 for your kind act!

Thank you for your support

Another big shoutout to our Yippi users who have also participated in this fundraising event. Your effort will be contributing to a big cause.
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