Web &
App Chat

Connect with your friends and family securely around the world in real-time.

Mini Video

Create vivid mini videos to wow your viewers and build influence to stand out on Yippi!

Livestream with segregated languages

Watch, like and share live events on Yippi. Stream and connect your event to audiences live on the web and mobile devices.

Fans Group Live

Group Live, only available in a Yippi Fans chatroom. Enjoy chatting and interactive with your fans!
Our Beauty Camera comes with various effects such as Toon, Hand Gesture, Animoji, Beauty Stickers and more!

The first video chat with beauty camera

Auto-Translate Message

Seamless line-to-line auto-translate function to help you connect with everyone around the world.

Secret Chat

The “Self-destruct Timer” allows you to set the time for your messages. Once the time is up, the text, voice messages, or photos you send will disappear. Leaving no trace.


Use our unique sticker packs to add fun in text conversation!

Whiteboard Presentation

Bored with normal text messages? Share a whiteboard to chat with up to 5 friends. You can guess your friends’ drawing or use it for discussion. You never know what a little drawing can do to make the conversation interesting.




Share media such as photos and videos to your friends


Share files and documents from various formats


You can share your location to chat

Secret Photo

Cautious! Photo sent will disappear in 5s.

Red Packet

You can send packet containing Yipps as a present to your friends


Add a friend from your existing contact list


Rock-paper-scissors! Lets settle this like adults!

Voice Input

Instead of typing, auto-translate your voice into text