How to earn Yipps?
Why should you collect Yipps?

Yipps are the virtual reward points in Yippi ecosystem, it can be used to:

  • Pay Mobile phone bill
  • Pay Utility bills
  • Topzmall online store shopping
  • TogaGo purchase train ticket and more hotel booking
  • Rest N Go enjoy massage chair
  • Red Box pays for entertainment
  • Reward for Yippi’s dynamic, Live stream, and Designer’s sticker collection

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What is Yipps Wanted?
Yipps Wanted is a platform where you could order all your favorite Products & Services, ordering through the platform allows you to obtain Yipps Rebates from the merchants!
How to earn Yipps Rewards?
Yipps Wanted is a platform where you can order all the products and services you like, and you can get Yipps Rewards from merchants by ordering through this platform!