Get Started On Yippi

Not sure what to do? Check out our guidelines step by step to guide you through the journey of become a superstar on Yippi!

We want to make Yippi the best place for fans to come together and support the creators they love.That means empowering creators like you with new ways to engage your fans and grow your business. We’re expanding our fan subscriptions test to more eligible creators — so your most loyal fans can become your biggest supporters!

What’s on the support system

1. Subscription Plan
Unlock Fans Group

2. Playz Channel
Unlock Video Channel

3. Eshop
Unlock eShop

How to active support system

1. Star Points
Collect 30,000 star points to active

2. Star Of The Day (SOTD)
Be the winner of SOTD to unlock 10 months subscription
*T&C applied

All star points are countable from Jan 2020

Why Star Points is so important

To unlock Subscription Feature

  1. Unlock Fans Group
  2. Unlock Playz Channel
  3. Unlock Eshop
Where can you earn Star Points?

1. Post Moment (Photos/Mini Video)
3 star points

2. Followers/Likes/Tips
1 star point

3. Live
30 star points/ hour

4. Unique audience (Live) / Referral
4 star points

5. Subscription
5 star points

6. Badges
100 star points

Hall of fames. Each unlocked medal is equals to 100 star points.

Non event Achievement Medals
Tips up to
Tips up to
Tips up to
Watch 1
Live Stream
Watch 10
Live Stream
Watch 20
Live Stream
Open 1,000
Treasure Box
Open 2,000
Treasure Box
Open 5,000
Treasure Box
Event Achievement Medals

1. Star Of the Night Medals
Win in the “Star of the Night”
Live PK Match (1st of Jan 2020 – 30th April 2020)

2. Charity Ambassador
Charity Live in Yippi 1st April 2020 Covid19 fundraising campaign

3. Mask Giveaway
Participate as a streamer in Yippi’s Treasure Box Mask Giveaway Campaign from 25th March 2020 to 5th April 2020.

4. Anti Pandemic Expert
Participated in “Charity Event to Combat Pandemic f rom 9th April 2020 to 15th April 2020.

5. Star of the Day
Winner of “Star of the Day” Live PK match start f rom 1st of May 2020.

6. Star Quest Winners 2020

How to join?

User need to participate in live streaming with yellow beans.

How to get Yellow Beans?

Purchase yellow bean or redeem by collecting 300 likes per post

How to be the winner of SOTD ?

Live streamers who get the highest score in daily live…
(exp: 1 unique audience=1 star points, 1 tipping=1 star point)
*A user can only win once per month

Why SOTD are important?

Increase the chance of winning in Star Quest contest.
SOTD winner will get Cash Prizes


English, Chinese, Vietnamese.
*Each languages will result in 1 SOTD winner

SOTD Winner Rewards

1. Entitle 10 months subscription support
100 Yipps per month. Same goes to the referral.

2. Requirements
Both parties need to stay active and commit 15 moments and open 4 lives per month.

3. Consequences of non-compliance
Relevant month benefits will be forfeit if any of the party is unable to fulfil said requirements

Check Yippi latest task center in incubator program!

Everyone can start to earn!

Mini Videos
10,000 views = Gain 10 yipps


1. Verified and Upgrade your account to Level 2
Get 1,000 followers & active tipping function

2. Check on the tasks and follow the instruction
There is one chance of submission every day. If it does not meet the video
requirements, the video will not be counted. The user can participate again
during the task period.

Rules & Regulation

It is forbidden to cheat and use other illegal means to affect the statistics of the events. The final results are subject to the statistics of the Yippi platform. If any abnormal or suspected violation of data is found, Yippi reserves the right not to record such data, and reserves the right to pursue the legal responsibility of related violation users.

How to join?

Kindly send your resume to

What you can do in livestream?

1. Live stream sales
Sell products, give suggestions, and do promotions during the
show. The audience can communicate and interact with you and
purchase products immediately

2. Earn attractive commission
5 to 20% on total sales, subject to change.