Get Started On Yippi

Not sure what to do? Check out our guidelines step by step to guide you through the journey of become a superstar on Yippi!

The more subscribers you have, the more you can consistently achieve high income.

Requirement to unlock

30,000 star points

Subscription Plan
5 yipps / 30 yipps / 50 yipps per month
Example: (If you get)
5,000 subscribers x 5 yipps
= 25,000 yipps
You will get 25,000 yipps of passive income/month
Fulfill monthly requirements
Stay active and complete monthly tasks:
1. 15 posts (including photos and mini videos)
2. Conduct minimum 4 lives per month
What if you unable to fufill the requirement?

Relevant monthly revenue will be forfeit

Your fans will look up to you as a leader, both for the valuable content you share, and for the relationships, you help them forge.

What you can do in Group Live
1. Exclusive Group Live
Here is the perfect place to start real conversations with your loyal fans. Create engagement by going live and chat with them!
2. Exclusive Photos & Mini Videos
Pamper your fans by sharing exclusive and interesting contents could impress and make them feel specials

Your subscribers able to skip all the advertisement on your videos and get a better viewing experience.

What you can do in Playz Channel
1. Create your own Video Channel
One really good reason to create video channel to your site is to give the audience more content. When people get a lot of good contents from you, they will potentially become your fans, support you by tipping, stay longer and like to come back and visit more often.
2. Article
Another benefit that comes with writing articles is the ability to establish yourself. It is a guaranteed way to expand your network, gain more fans and support.
How to submit?
1. Create an account in Yippi & completed your identity verification.
2. Upload your video in Yippi (100 MB max/video).
3. Inform via email:
4. After review, Yippi will link your video to Playz.
How to keep your subscribers
Remember! They will always able to unsubscribe you anytime. So, please make sure that you:
1. Make your content attractive and unique enough
2. Give your subscribers something they want
3. Make your subscribers feel they are unique enough
4. Always engage with your subscribers
5. Keep consistency